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About Us

We are a group of doulas  and a lactation consultant working together to support you through pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding

As doulas and mothers who breastfed our own babies, we understand the importance of having trusted professionals as part of your birth and postpartum team. We have had challenges in our own births and breastfeeding journeys and we know how the presence of a doula or the guidance of a lactation consultant can make all the difference. We attend births in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Burlington. We provide in-home lactation visits throughout the Triad and beyond.


Jessica Bower, IBCLC ( lactation consultant ) & Birth Doula

When my first baby was born, ten years ago, my husband and I did not have a doula. While my unmediated birth was ultimately a positive experience, we knew right away that we wanted a doula for our future children. We had a doula for the rest of our babies and she made all the difference. After experiencing the support of a doula, I knew I wanted to become a doula to support other families.


Additionally, my first baby and my fourth babies gave me many breastfeeding challenges. It was with the support of skilled lactation consultants that I was able to develop a plan to be able to continue to breastfeed. I became a lactation consultant because I desire to support moms in the comfort of their own homes as they overcome challenges while feeding their babies. It is a joy and honor to get to do what I do and I love building relationships with the families I serve.

Maggie Thompson, Birth Doula

My desire for doula work came after the birth of my second child. Preparing for the birth of your child and postpartum life can be challenging but I learned very quickly that support is essential. I wished for more support and community after becoming a mom and realized that I had a calling to help other moms during their journey through pregnancy to birth. 


Birth is beautiful and should consist of positive memories filled with unconditional support. Birth does not always go as planned but having someone who fully supports your choices with no judgment is incredibly helpful. I am confident in supporting mothers and advocating for clients during delivery. I vow to encourage, respect and help mothers discover and embrace their transition into motherhood. I am honored to join this journey with clients as not just a doula but also a friend.

Rachel Pryor, Birth Doula

Ever since the conception of my son, I have surrounded myself with all things birth and baby. I consumed hours of podcasts, books, and classes. It felt as if I needed a master's degree in order to understand the innumerable options presented to me during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum! Amidst the many opinions of experts, it was hard to hear my own voice and maternal instincts. After an unplanned c-section and being unable to breastfeed, I held my perfect baby boy in a puddle of tears and baby spit-up. 


Birth is transformative, miraculous, and important. I am passionate about supporting women through this season of their lives. As your doula, I will help your family navigate the oceans of information and decision-making with evidence-based resources. My aim is to encourage Mom to be her own best advocate, helping her find her own voice. Birth is wild, glorious, and unpredictable. It may not follow our well-thought-out birth plans or goals. Either way, I, along with your support people, will be there to anchor you with knowledge, encouragement, and respect. It would be my joy to join you on your parenthood journey! 


When not at a birth, I enjoy chasing my adorable toddler, baby-wearing said toddler, weeding the garden, listening to bluegrass, and taking ballet class!

Frannie Griffin, Birth Doula

For many years, I have been interested and invested in birth work. The calling to be a doula had been with me for a long time before I had children. When things didn't work out, I learned to be patient and wait. To be my most authentic self as a doula, I felt I needed to experience pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum firsthand.


I believe that creating a collaborative space is essential to having a positive birth experience and a confident, healthy beginning to life after birth. Being a part of a birth is one of the highest honors and one of the most holy experiences this side of Heaven. I would be honored to be a part of yours. My passion is supporting, advocating, and empowering women throughout their birth journey.


After having a transformative experience with the birth of my first child and doula in Texas, I decided to be more prayerful about my next steps in my doula journey. I moved back to NC during Covid and hired Growing Families when I became pregnant with my second child. During conversations with Jessica and Maggie, and my birth with Maggie, I realized that joining this group was meant to be.

Shelton Stallworthy, Birth Doula

I am married to a wonderful Englishman and have 3 beautiful babies (3.5, 2 and 3 months). My passion for birth began after my second was born. I had an unnecessary C-section that sent me on an information gathering mission that launched me into a passion for maternal care. I just had my glorious VBAC 3 months ago and I want nothing more than to help women achieve their empowering and beautiful births, whatever that may be! 


I knew I wanted to be in birth work, but I wasn't sure what the Lord had in store for me as a stay at home mom to 3 little ones. When I met Jessica and the Growing Families team, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for a passionate group of women to serve their community. I am so honored to be apart of these journeys! 

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