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Doula Services

As your doulas, we get to know you and support you through pregnancy, we are by your side through the labor, and we continue to encourage you and be a resource during the early weeks of parenthood


We are experienced doulas who work together as a team to support your family. We attend births in Greensboro, Burlington, and Winston-Salem. Our desire is for you to have the best birth experience possible because we know that this will yield better outcomes - physically and emotionally - for you and your baby. Evidence based studies show that doula support leads to lower rates of c-sections, less need for Pitocin, lower use of epidurals, and more positive emotional outcomes for parents. We believe that birth is simply better when you have a doula. When your birth experience is positive, this sets you up well for the postpartum time. You may desire a completely unmedicated birth. Or you may hope to get an epidural to use as a tool to help you have a vaginal birth. We have experience supporting all kinds of births - first time parents, parents of multiples, parents who have already had one or more births, inductions, scheduled c-sections, VBACs, IVF pregnancies and births, and more. We get to know you well in pregnancy so that we can support your hopes for your birth. Our hope at Growing Families is for your birth experience to be a positive one that you treasure.

During your pregnancy, you can reach out to us to schedule a virtual doula consultation. At the consultation, we get to know one other. We discuss your hopes for your birth. We answer your questions. Ultimately, we see if our services are a good fit for your family. If you decide to hire Growing Families, we remain in touch through the pregnancy - always just a text or phone call away. After the virtual consultation, you will have two more meetings with us (one with each of the two doulas on call for you in Growing Families) and these meetings will be in-person unless you prefer to meet virtually. During the prenatal meetings we help you become educated and informed about the options and choices you have in birth. We also help you and your partner know how to advocate for yourselves. We value frequent communication with our clients in pregnancy.

Once you begin having signs of labor, we want you to be in touch with us right away. We help you navigate the early stages of labor before it is time for you to go to the hospital. We remind you of positions for you to do in order to encourage your baby to be in a good position for birth. Once we join you, we work with you, your partner, your nurse, and your provider (your midwife or doctor) to support you. We have built great relationships with midwives, physicians, and hospital staff at our local birth locations through the years and that helps everyone on your birth team to work together well. We use tools in our doula bag (massage oil, snacks, a TENS unit, a fan, LED candles, or a warm rice pack) to help, but the most important thing we bring is our calming and reassuring presence. The difference between a doula and anyone else who is supporting you is that we only work for you (not the hospital) and you are our only focus during your whole birth. The consistent emotional and physical support that a doula brings is priceless. While we are not birth photographers, we do document the birth by taking lots of photos.

Once your baby is born, we remain with you for 1-2 hours. We help establish initial breastfeeding. We celebrate with you! Once we leave your birth, we are still available via text or phone for whatever you need - new mom questions, baby questions, and of course for lactation support since one of our doulas, Jessica, is also an IBCLC (lactation consultant). We have a postpartum visit with you within 1-2 weeks of your birth. We are available for questions and support for as long as you need us after your birth.

The fee for doula support is $1,150. This includes 24/7 access to us during your pregnancy, three meetings in pregnancy to get to know you and prepare you for your birth, unlimited support during your labor and birth (no matter how long your labor is), and a postpartum visit. A deposit of $400 is due at the time of hiring Growing Families and the remaining $750 is due by 37 weeks of pregnancy. We offer repeat doula clients a $100 discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are four doulas in Growing Families, so who will be my doula?

Two of the four doulas of Growing Families will support you through pregnancy and one of them will be at your birth. You will meet with one of the two doulas who could be at your birth during your consultation. You will later meet in-person with both of them in pregnancy. Since you are hiring two doulas, you have the added reassurance that a doula you know will be with you during your birth even if the other doula is unavailable. Additionally, if there was an unlikely emergency and both doulas you met with in pregnancy are not available for your birth, one of the other doulas in Growing Families could support you.


How will you work with my partner?

We know that the partner’s support of the mom is vital. We highly value partner support and as doulas, we never want to take the partner’s place. Often times, the partner is still the primary support person for the mother in labor and the doula is there to guide and support both parents together. Partners benefit from the additional support because that way they don’t have to feel like they “need to know it all” and therefore they have less pressure and can enjoy the birth experience more. Partners also feel more confident about the birth process with the calming presence of a doula.


What education or training do you have?

All of us have received training or certification through a variety of doula organizations. In addition to our initial training and certification, we value continuing education. Some of our trainings over the years have included Spinning Babies trainings, bereavement training, postpartum mood and anxiety disorders training, childbirth education trainings, and breastfeeding trainings. We know that we can always learn more - every birth is different - and we consider ourselves lifelong learners.


Can you attend my birth at hospitals with Covid / Flu visitor restrictions?

Yes! The doula does not count as a visitor at Cone hospitals (in Greensboro or Burlington) or at Novant hospitals (in Winston-Salem or Kernersville) because were are credentialed with these hospital systems. At Atrium / Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem, they do not credential doulas and we would attend your birth using one visitor spot. We attend births at:

  • Cone Health Women’s and Children’s Center in Greensboro

  • Cone Health Alamance Regional Medical Center in Burlington

  • Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem

  • Novant Health in Kernersville 

  • The Birth Center (Atrium/Baptist) in Winston-Salem 

  • Homebirths with a CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife) present 

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