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Waiting On Baby...

I'm writing this blog post for the expecting mom who has either:

  • Had a free private (in-person or virtual) breastfeeding prenatal education session with Jessica Bower, IBCLC, that was covered by insurance


I'm so glad that you have invested time and effort into educating yourself for breastfeeding your baby! While the hospital will give you some great information and hands-on support, freshly postpartum moms really can't process large amounts of information. Therefore, doing the education before your baby is born will benefit the entire family.

Here's a video I encourage you to watch immediately after our time together prenatally and then come back to this post to watch again once your baby is born: watch here

Be sure to follow Growing Families Lactation & Doula on social media so that you have good information on pregnancy / birth / breastfeeding. We also post dates and info for our free breastfeeding support group on social media!

If you are covered by your health insurance for lactation visits (see if you are by completing this form), please send me a text once your baby is born so that we can go ahead and schedule a visit in your home soon after hospital discharge (ideally on day 3-4). Sometimes, this is when things can get challenging. Best case scenario, this is mostly a reassurance visit and we talk about next steps in breastfeeding. Worse case scenario, you're in a lot of pain, your baby might not be gaining weight, your baby might not be latching, or you're wondering if your body is making enough milk. This visit at 3-4 days out is critical. Based on what happens at this visit, we will schedule an appropriate follow-up visit.

If you are not covered by your health insurance for lactation visits, you may still opt to do a visit on day 3-4 postpartum for the reasons I listed above. If you'd like to do a visit, learn more about what that entails and pricing here. Or, if breastfeeding is going well and your baby is gaining weight appropriately, you may just decide to reach out if you encounter challenges. I always offer for students of my Zoom class to text me anytime - please use this resource!

If you are not covered by your health insurance for lactation visits and you encounter any of the following, this would be a reason to schedule a lactation consultation:

  • You have bleeding / blistered / painful nipples

  • Your baby is still losing weight after day 3 postpartum

  • You feel like your milk is not in and you don't know how much your baby is getting after day 3 postpartum

  • Your pediatrician has told you that you need to supplement your baby (with your own pumped milk or formula)

  • You are painfully engorged and are making too much milk

  • You are overwhelmed and have questions about feeding your baby or you just need reassurance

Finally, check out some of our favorite pregnancy and postpartum resources in the area here. These resources include postpartum doulas, postpartum meals, prenatal yoga, childbirth education, placenta encapsulation, mental health resources, and more!

Don't hesitate to reach out once your baby is born! I'm excited for you and can't wait to support you!

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